The Sunflower House

Once upon a time, there was a woman who moved into a house with no garden. Everywhere she saw the earth was stripped bare for new homes to be built. The earth was pressed down by massive machines in what was once a mountain prairie. It was then that she knew she must ask the natural world its permission to become a part of this space. So each day, she would sit and ask it how it wanted to healed.

She did not realize that she was asking nature to heal her family, but that is what happened.

She was a woman that was wide awake to the natural world. As a child she understood the messages of the natural world. She felt the breeze as a greeting and the waving greeting of leaves on the trees.

As an adult, the open window to the natural world almost closed with the challenges of modern life. It was the noise of the modern world that would mute her connection.

Her children would bring her back to the healing power of nature’s wisdom and it all began with a sunflower.

This woman would travel to a faraway village to become a mother. She would stay in a small inn run by a family, a family who had been liberated from a country where their freedom had long been suppressed. They would open their home to women the world over who came to their healing place to become mothers. The inn sat high on a hill, where the fresh mountain air would cleanse your body with every in and out breath.

It was on a walk down from the inn on the hillside that the woman first saw the Sunflower House. A small plain house that in front of it stood a towering sunflower. The woman would stop and take a picture of this sunflower house and felt something inside her stir. She wondered why that sunflower made her stop, but the fleeting thought disappeared as quickly as it came.

The woman met the village healer and many other couples who were seeking the gift of a child. The women would walk and talk together, and before long it was time to go back to her home.

As she prepared to leave the inn, she would share goodbyes and loving hugs from the women she met, but it was the innkeeper whose farewell gave her hope. She said, be well you will soon have two sons and wished her love and happiness on her long journey home.

That woman would find out in a few short weeks that she would have two sons and the joy of a family would soon be within reach. Her sons were beautiful and healthy, but as they grew she realized that one was different, gifted with something that she could not understand, something that many people in her village did not understand.

It would be a struggle, but the man and woman would keep their child at home to protect him, love him, and help him heal. What they did not realize was that it was they who needed healing.

As they raised their children, she also raised a garden meadow just as she had promised. A few years later, a visit for another village healer would open the woman’s eyes to her own sunflower house. There surrounding her home were towering sunflowers, some that she had planted but many that she had not.

There they stood as if to say, you have given me space to be nurtured and grow and now I have planted myself away from you. Close enough to be cared for but independent of your daily watering.

Her gifted son had grown many inches that summer just as the self-planted sunflowers had grown. It was nature telling her, your son has healed you and you him. He is healthy and able, tall and grounded. Give him the freedom he needs to share the seeds of his gift.

This story was written and presented for the Utah Waldorf Conference in August 2018.