Kathy (Dombroski) Donchak


Kathy Donchak is an educational consultant, offering product development consulting, marketing advisory, and digital marketing services to individuals and organizations focused on K-12 education.

Kathy has consulted for and worked with companies you know including SteinerBooks, McGraw-Hill Education, Triumph Learning, Childrens Plus Inc., Davidson Titles, Acton Academy Austin.


I am the Executive Director for SteinerBooks and consult with a few private clients each month to help them develop new projects within K-12 educational publishing. 

1-1 Consulting

If you would like to know about my availability, let's schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call.

A Lifelong Learner

Kathy is a doctoral student in Applied-Ecopsychology at a wonderful nonprofit called Project NatureConnect, founded by Dr. Michael Cohen and supported by Akamai University. Kathy completed a Masters in Applied Ecopsychology with a focus in Child Development in 2016.

Family Life

Kathy lives in Northwest Wyoming with her husband Glendon, their twin boys, two Great Pyrenees.. They love exploring the natural places that surround them every day. 

Last update was February 1, 2019.