Kathy Donchak

I am a writer exploring the interconnectedness of self and nature.

A Journey of Sundays

Over ten years ago, I began a search to change how I worked in the world and returned to school to follow my interest in nature-connected well-being. I began incorporating the practices I was learning to connect with readers through a newsletter, The Sunday Letter, and shared my discoveries in the vast catalog of the independent publishing house I was leading.In my personal life, we began homeschooling our children and incorporating ideas from my studies in applied ecopsychology, holistic human development, and leading thoughts from authors I was working with into our children’s educational experience.The Sunday Letter continues today with a renewed focus on sharing books that support self-discovery and understanding through a connection to the natural world and journal writing.Read the Sunday Letter

Work with Me

Get in touch with me via email or WhatsApp to learn about my current availability.Projects and publishing campaign support quoted on a case-by-case basis.