Kathy Donchak

The sacredness you seek is within you, a place more holy than a church, where the offering is attention and amazement.Reverence of self is the only tithe.It can be experienced in self-seeded wildflower fields, day-flower bedding of fawning season, and wildlife corridors that keep our neighborhoods wild.We connect to nature to meet our true nature. The sacred essence of who you are and why you are, accompanied by the melody of wind chimes that beg you to stop and listen.Some will understand your journey, others will not.Your business is to follow the trail wherever it leads and live the art of your life.

Welcome to my home online.I am a wife, mom, writer, and nature therapy guide in Central Texas. The best to get to know me is to read my Sunday Letter.~ Kathy


I am a storyteller, wife, and mom.The writing you find on these pages are the result of a journey to reconnect with myself through nature writing.I write for myself in the Sunday Letter and respond to notes from readers. The connections formed over the last five years are a daily reminder that many need a way to experience and express the fullness of life.My letters begin in daily communion with nature, a practice I learned at Project NatureConnect, a self-funded private education program founded by Michael J. Cohen. I am grateful every day for Mike’s work and his friendship. He and I are writing a book together to share ways to discover your true nature, your Natureness, through sensory immersion and imagination in nature.

Summer Nature Writing Camp

Registration Opens June 1, 2023

How Much? $49
When? This workshop takes place from July 3-31, 2023.
Where? No travel necessary. Summer camp is wherever you are.
Who is this for? This is a camp for adults who want to explore creative nature writing for self-understanding and wellbeing. If you have children that you want to join, please sign up as an adult and teach them what you are learning.

How to Join

Registration opens June 1, 2023. Subscribe to my Sunday Letter to be notified.


In the Summer Nature Writing Workshop I will guide you to reconnect with nature to express your felt experiences through language. We will be inspired by poets of the natural world and our individual needs for expression.I won't ask you to share private writing with strangers.I will show you ways to look at your private exploratory writing to discover thoughts that could inspire something you later share privately or publicly.

Camp Experience

I will share an audio note, occasional video of my nature experience, and text-based activity to inspire your writing practice each day through our asynchronous camp messaging tool.Campers are encouraged to share reflections with me and ask questions throughout the camp to help me guide you deeper into your summer nature writing experience.There are no social media groups or message boards. This nature writing camp is designed to integrate with your life and schedule, and keep technology to a minimum so that we can all create moments that let the earth teach.