Kathy Donchak

Nature-Connected Creative Arts Guide / Writer / Publisher

I write and guide others through a contemplative life writing practice rooted in the rhythms of the natural world and sensory attractions. These deeply creative and solitary acts form a circle with nature. Creative arts like writing, drawing, gardening, and painting can help us discover our inner life in the swoosh of a cardinal, a star filled sky, and a shadowy moon. It brings the inside out, to help us see, express, heal, and understand our inner experience through the gateway of the senses. It is through this newfound perspective that we can find strength in a sea of change.The Writing Circle has natural places to join at the beginning of each season. Our next opening will be in the days leading up to the Autumn Equinox. It, like life, develops with the changes in the world. Unlike traditional journaling, we do not look back over our life to analyze, instead we connect in the present moment and allow nature to mirror back to us the messages we seek.Sign up for my Sunday Letter to be notified when we reopen the writing circle on September 9 , 2022.

Sunday Letter NewsletterEach week, I dip in and out of books, mostly nonfiction and poetry, to write a letter as a balm in a chaotic world. The content is inspired by world events and conversations. In its fourth year, the Sunday Letter is also place for me to share books that inspire me on Bookshop.org.