About | Kathy Donchak

Kathy Donchak is a mom to energetic twin boys, and wife to one “mad-scientist” husband. 

She also happens to work in education. She has been a teacher of children and adults for over 20 years. She also learned how broken our educational system is as she began to see her work through the lens of being a mother. A mother of wildly creative children who didn't fit in a box or on a checklist.

Kathy's work as a teacher of teachers has changed, because her children have helped elevate the meaning in everything she shares with them. Kathy shares what she is learning with parents and teachers through outdoor learning days, workshops and seminars.

Kathy is a lifelong learner and is a student of integrated child-focused education with a focus on child development and Ecopsychology. She studies through a beautiful nonprofit PhD program called Project NatureConnect that helped her find peace and share it as a teacher.

Kathy's latest project can be found at Tulsi Education. 

Kathy and her family live where the bison roam in Cody, Wyoming, USA.


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